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About Me

My work is varied and eclectic. My favourite medium is oils although I love the spontaneity of small pen and wash sketches. My easel and paints go with me everywhere - in the boot of the car or in my suitcase. I'm drawn (pardon the pun) to the unusual, the ironic and the nostalgic, which some may mistakenly think makes me a rather melancholy person. I'm not at all as I usually have the biggest smile on my face!

My second love is bringing out the wonderful gift of creativity in others via my art classes. Nothing gives me more of a rush when one of my students starts selling their own work. 

In May 2021 I fulfilled a life-long dream and opened my own gallery called First Class Art where I display and sell my own work plus those of my two daughters who are both professional artists. If you happen to be in the Algarve in Portugal, please come along a take a look.

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